Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Not Ready for Kindergarten

With both of my daughters headed for full-time school this year, I have to mention the pit that has been growing in my stomach. This is what I've been waiting for 5 years! Think of all of the free time I'll have. I can focus more on my business and get all the things done on my personal "to do" list that I keep saying I don't have time to do because I still have a "little one" at home. It's gonna be GREAT! Hooray I made it! YEAH ME!

Sigh....then reality rears its ugly head. My "baby" is not with me not even 1 day a week. I feel sick to think I won't have her (or her older sister for that matter) with me until after 3:00 or when the weekend arrives. Things are changing - SOMEONE IS MOVING MY CHEESE! Wow - and here I thought I'd be thrilled!?

So, how does this milestone in my life get twisted into a blog post about marketing? I find that I need to think about making a fresh start. I'm committing to use this time to look at everything in my life differently - the way I take care of myself, the way I manage my business and the way I manage my family time. Shifting directions can be a challenge - but I am up for it!

Is your business just waiting for the next milestone? Perhaps a fresh perspective such as committing to start your social networking efforts, updating your website or becoming more visible and active in your community might just be what you need to get business back on track and make strides into the land of new opportunity. Set yourself your own "first day of school" to implement some new marketing efforts.

I may not feel ready for Kindergarten - but like many things in life, it's coming regardless of what I think of it. So, I'll take this challenge, no, "opportunity", to start to plan differently and embrace this new milestone.