Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I don't have time for Twitter!

Like most business owners - I'M BUSY! Busy helping my clients, busy taking care of my family, just busy busy busy! I hear this from everyone - so I know I am not alone. Yet, those clients and friends with desires to grow their business are missing out on a free (OK, time is like money) no money down opportunity to connect with potential clients, customers, referral sources, experts in their field, etc. - the possibilities are endless. And I think that's exactly what people are afraid of - it's just too intimidating and not as specific as what they are used to doing with a brochure, mailing or handshake. Perhaps they think they are "above" the need to start grass-roots or afraid they will have to make a huge time commitment. Think of how long it takes to go to a no-guarantee-that-it's-going-to-generate-leads-expo or networking event. What if you could exchange your business card electronically, to thousands of potential __(insert your desired individual or audience here) __?

Take just a few minutes a day (set a timer if you need to) to get started on ONE social networking effort - Twitter, Facebook, or a Blog. Once you start you'll see that the power of connecting with like minds (or not so like minds) makes good business sense. If you need help kick starting your efforts, there are many sources on the web or I can help you get started. But remember, this should be just one part of your overall marketing plan :)


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