Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Marketing Plans Don't Sell

Do you have a marketing plan? Does anyone even know what a marketing plan is? It's not nearly as sexy as exclaiming "Check out my Facebook Page!" and "Follow me on Twitter!" So, now what's the PLAN with that Facebook page and Twitter handle?

When I tell people that marketing plans are what I start with, I often feel like the CPA of the marketing world - asking clients to dot their "i"s and cross their "t"s. But creating a marketing plan leads you to ask yourself - who am I selling to, how am I going to reach them, how much money do I have to spend and when do I expect to execute my grand plans to reach these people? Sounds much more exciting to create that Facebook page, right?

So if we work together - we can start with something glamorous - but I'll ask you 50 questions about how that fits into your bigger picture. I love all the new e-techniques - and use and recommend them, but don't get lost in the madness. Make sure you have a calendar of prioritized marketing activities, a budget, and a plan for making sure you get it all done!


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