Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Partnering with Non-Profits Can Be Good for Your Business

With the current state of the economy, many businesses are challenged to do more with less. But if you think that stinks, try being a non-profit that relies on the financial contributions of donors - many wells have dried up. Yet, working together may be exactly what a non-profit and your business needs for a little feel-good social responsibility.

First, choose a non-profit company that is close to your heart or your business. Find something that complements your interests (animals, children, family matters, etc.) or connects with your business (a construction company helping Habitat for Humanity). Find something you can feel good about partnering with for a long time and that has established roots in your community.

Second, decide how you can help. Call the agency and explain that you want to be a good corporate citizen. Do have a storefront where you host a fundraiser? Can you volunteer some of your inventory? Does your staff have certain talents or gifts to share? Find out what the organization might need and brainstorm together on how you can help.

Third, share the good news. Include what your doing on your website, share a press release with the media, and use tools like Facebook, Twitter and newsletters. Do not be shy on how you are making a difference in the world. Buyers often seek like-minded companies (thus the craze of everyone going green!)

Helping a non-profit can be win-win. They get the help they desperately need and their message is shared through your network of friends, family, customers and partners. And in kind, your business gets some good PR and you can feel great about doing the right thing!


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